We can help you to solve theses issues and much more !

Process Organization

Organize and professionalize ALL your company’s processes. Finish off the tasks requested by post-its or at coffee time and have control of all processes, tasks, deadlines and deliveries.

Identify missed opportunities

Generate new opportunities, track your prospects, visualize and understand the entire path your customer takes from entry to completion of delivery and increase your sales!

Manage incoming leads

Manage and organize all new contacts received from all communication channels and don’t miss any more business!

Channel unification

Integration with the main communication channels: Telephony, E-mail, WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook…

Productivity and team engagement

Full control for managers. Visualize and control your team’s Workload, control deadlines and deliveries and have all the metrics to increase your teams’ productivity.

Improve customer relationship

Find out how your customers are being served using our service processes and the NPS module and don’t lose more customers